What is it?
The Improv Cards are cards with 52 different images, it is a tool that helps you to tell improvised stories in a specific moment and context, you can find them in this place [download cards] for free.

What is it useful for?
From my experience we have used it in the company of other techniques or to make a final reflection about a training, a coaching session or generate a brainstorming of ideas, among others.

How did I experiment?
After the exploitation or reflection with the game moving motivators you can apply Improv Cards to discover possible actions, encourage collaboration and work together to provide solutions to a negative situation that are detrimental to the team and its motivations.

Case 1

Sometimes I ask the participants that they take a single word after receiving a training, I have replaced it in some cases asking them to take a card with which they feel identified and tell a story of what they learned, as long as there is enough time to do it.

Case 2

What I learned? 
You can take this exercise and adapt it to your needs too, it is valid to apply the mojito in the way you will do it, and the important thing is that it enables a space for people to put their brain to exercise and quickly assemble an open conversation, creative and to share ideas with everyone who is present.

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